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Sport Clubs BodPod Promotion

Update 2/19/20 – BodPod testing and services are temporarily unavailable due to ongoing service repairs.

Fitness & Wellness is partnering with Sport Clubs, to offer BodPod – which provides efficient and accurate information on fat and lean mass, resting metabolic rate (RMR) and total energy expenditure (TEE). Sport Clubs participants receive a discounted rate of $20 (originally $80), with Cal1 ID.

The BodPod is a great way to comprehensively measure current health and fitness as well as track your fitness goals over time.

Review your results with us: Participants will have the option to take advantage of complimentary drop-in group consultation where they’ll review their BodPod results with our certified personal trainers. Details available upon registration.

Preparation and Expectations

You will need to fill out our health history questionnaire – you can pick up the questionnaire at the RSF Customer Service Center or download a PDF version here. Please print and bring this questionnaire to your session.

  • Please go to the Wellness Center at the RSF, located down the hallway near the pro shop of the RSF. The RSF is located at 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley 94720.
  • Please refrain from large meals or vigorous exercise TWO hours prior to testing.
  • Wear appropriate attire, either: (a) Form-fitting Speedo-style or other Lycra/spandex-type swim suit; OR (b) Single- layer compression shorts(bike-style shorts WITHOUT padding) and a single-layer (not padded) jog bra.
  • You’ll be asked to remove all other articles of clothing (socks,etc.) as well as jewelry, socks, eyeglasses, etc. And, because we are measuring total body volume, you’ll also be asked to wear a swim cap which we provide.
  • Have an accurate measurement of your height.

Thank you to our sponsors