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Dedicated and experienced skaters will find a challenge in our Advanced class. Learn bigger tricks and drop-in from higher heights.



The Advanced Skateboarding class is intended for experienced skaters motivated to push their skills within a supportive environment. Led by expert instructors, it focuses on mastering complex tricks, such as kickflip variations, Tre Flips, and developing individual style.


Ages: 8+ years old

Prerequisites: Completion of Intermediate class, or equivalent. Skaters should be comfortable with speed and be able to perform basic kick flips and heel flips. If unsure, students can be assessed for a level recommendation.


The price for the remaining classes to be determined by the number of classes left. See Billing info below.

Sample Skills Learned

  • Airs
  • Grabs
  • Advanced flip tricks including the basic 8’s: (kick/fakie/nollie/switch flips and heel flips)


Duration: 120 minutes

Location: Golden Bear Skate Park (25 Sports Ln – beyond the tennis courts)


In CampDoc click “Skate Class” and scroll down.

Days Times Registration
Monday 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Register

Billing and Cancellations:

  • In CampDoc you will be given the option to pay in full for the remaining classes of the year. 
  • We are requiring 2 weeks written notice to cancel and/or refund payments. 
    • Example – Student is in BC1 Saturday 9am and has chosen to pay $810 for the year (this is for 31 Saturday classes). On December 27th, we received a written notice that you wish to discontinue. This means that the cancellation will be effective on January 10th. There are 18 classes left. We will refund the card on file for $470.32 (810/31 x 18).
  • Make-ups: We will still provide make-ups if currently enrolled and space is available. Please arrange for make-ups by emailing



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